Mushroom Grow Kit 4-Pack FREE SHIPPING

Mushroom Grow Kit 4-Pack FREE SHIPPING

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Your kit is ALIVE and must be opened immediately upon arrival.

Four Pack of Table Top Mushroom Kits!

Each Pack will include a Blue Oyster, Pink OR Gold Oyster(depending on stock), Shiitake, and Lions Mane kit.(Instructions included)
Substitutions/requests ARE allowed if we have it in stock. Substitutions are allowed, but not guaranteed.

Everything you need to jump into the wild world of fungi growing!

Refund/Replacement Policy

We produce high quality, rigorously tested mushroom fruiting blocks. A portion of each and every lot is tested under highly controlled, consistent growing conditions on our commercial mushroom farm prior to selling them. Because of our stringent quality testing procedures, we guarantee our grow kits to be productive at the time of shipping when they leave our facility. It is up to you to select the appropriate shipping options for your climate (ie. opting for the cold pack up grade if necessary). Once your kit arrives, it is up to you to provide the proper growing conditions for your kit. For these reasons, we cannot offer returns or refunds on mushroom grow kits. If your kit arrives destroyed/damaged or is stolen/lost we can provide a replacement under these circumstances.
Good luck and happy shrooming! Have more questions? Contact Scott at bluffcityfungi@